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With the blessings of Mother Sitama and Lord Rama, we have now started the journey to establish our very temple of Lord Rama.  With the inspiration of the Deciples Bhakta Ramadasu to build  Bhadrachalam Sitarama Devalayamu , the devotees here choose to name the temple as Sri Vaikuntta Sita Rama Devalayamu.

The temple/ Mandir is structured into 2 floors. The top floor will be constructed as a temple with 3 gopuram garbagudi.

There will be a staircase on the left and the right and lift services for devotees to walk into to the temple. Devotees will be welcomed with a view of an open green lawn to give a feel of peaceful ambiance and surroundings.

Even though the temple is situated on the top floor but the design is made in such a way as to still maintain the feel and look of a normal ground-level temple. The design was made by incorporating a lawn and garden surrounding the temple. Once a devotee is at the temple, the feel and look is still as how he or she will be at a normal ground level temple with a green lawn surrounding the main temple.

Inside view of  the temple

The main idols in the temple area, in the center (Moolah Stalam) will be Lord Vaikuntta Rama, Mother Sitama sitting on his lap, and Lord Laxmana standing on his left. The exact replica in shape and size of the Main Idols at Bhadrachala Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy vaari Devasthanam. The idols will be carved from specially selected white marble by a sculptor from Gujarat. Bhadrachalam Temple’s chief priest will assist us to ensure that all information with regards to the finer details, shape, and sizes of the Idols are provided to the sculptor.

On the right of the main altar will be the Idols of Maha Laxmi and Lord Vishnu, and on the left altar will be Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna. All the idols are made of high quality white marble in Gujarat.

At the main entrance will be standing Anjineya Swami facing the Moolah Stallam.

In keeping our mission to build the Temple not only to serve as a place for prayers but creating a center for religious, cultural, language and art teaching, the designing of the ground floor was made by incorporating the purpose and needs.

The ground floor is made of a 500 pax capacity multi-purpose hall for events like weddings, cultural programs, and religious festivals. An internal mezzanine floor is built which will have classrooms, office rooms, AV room, and Viewing gallery.